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When you have started your education, one of the first questions you will need to answer is How are you going to trade? Making this decision is going to tell you what the topic is for your next level of education. Are you going to scalp, day trade, swing trade, or buy and hold for the long run?

Scalping involves buying large quantities of shares in a stock, and you are just looking for a small move in the stock price before you unload your shares.

Day trading
Day trading is similar to scalping but you are looking for bigger moves in the price, and you do not want to hold the stock overnight.

Swing trading
Swing trading is when you buy a stock and hold it for a short period of time looking for a substantial move in the price.

Buy and hold
Buy and hold is when you plan on holding on to the stock for a long time. You believe the company is going to grow in value and the price is going to go much higher.


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